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School Sponsor

The Rob and Rocky team are working tirelessly to help classrooms across the country publish their very own fire safety books. This is all thanks to generous sponsors like you! By supporting this initiative, students will not only gain valuable knowledge about fire safety, but they will also be exposed to exciting career opportunities while improving their literacy skills. Please join us in empowering the next generation to stay safe and succeed!

Program Outline: (Can be modified to meet your needs)
One Pre K-2 school sponsorship package includes:
● 300 Rob & Rocky literacy books
● 600 Coloring books
● Jr. Fire Marshal coats for each grade
● Press coverage from donation
● Business name on the cover of the coloring books

Schedule a time to see more in depth on how we immerse the classrooms in this unique experience. Thank you for taking the time to learn how you can support and inspire the next generation to flourish in their future careers! Your contribution will make a significant impact on the local community and the lives of young children.

Places We've Visited

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